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Diversified unit of famous cashew manufacturing

Established in 2011, Zantye Agro Industries has swiftly emerged as a beacon of excellence in the cashew industry. As a diversified unit of the renowned Zantye Group, known for its commitment to quality and innovation, our journey began with a vision to redefine the standards of cashew manufacturing.

Over the years, we have meticulously honed our craft, leveraging the latest technology and the expertise of our skilled artisans to consistently deliver superior cashew products. With a focus on sustainability and social responsibility, we are not just a manufacturer; we are a community-driven enterprise dedicated to empowering local farmers and uplifting the regions we operate in. Our passion for perfection drives us to continuously innovate and exceed expectations, making Zantye Agro Industries the preferred choice for discerning consumers and businesses alike.

Our Products

  1. Cashew Nut Shell Cake

    Our Cashew Nut Shell Cake is a versatile byproduct of the cashew nut processing industry.

  2. Cashew Nut Shell Liquid

    Extracted from the cashew nut shells, our Cashew Nut Shell Liquid is a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

  3. Cardanol

    A key component of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid, Cardanol is a versatile chemical with a wide range of applications.

  4. Residol

    Our Residol is a valuable byproduct of the Cashew Nut Shell Liquid extraction process.

  1. ISCC Certified CNSL

    Our CNSL (Cashew Nut Shell Liquid) is sourced responsibly and meets the stringent standards

  2. ISCC Certified Refined CNSL

    Refined to perfection, our ISCC Certified Refined CNSL is a premium-grade product.

  3. Ethoxylated CNSL

    This product is perfect for industries looking for innovative solutions that prioritize both efficiency and sustainability.

  4. Ethoxylated Cardanol

    Experience the power of nature with our Ethoxylated Cardanol.



Biofuels and Fertilizers


Chemicals, Resins, and even as a Natural Pesticide


Coatings, Adhesives & production of Antioxidants

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