A key component of Cashew Nut Shell Liquid, Cardanol is a versatile chemical with a wide range of applications. From coatings and adhesives to surfactants and friction materials, Cardanol offers sustainable solutions without compromising on performance. Its renewable and biodegradable nature makes it a preferred choice for companies aiming for greener practices.

Specification for Cardanol (Double Distilled) : (Minimum 94% Purity)
Colour Pale Straw
Viscosity at 30°C 45-50 cps (Brook Field)
Ash Content Negligible
Moisture Negligible
Specific Gravity at 30°C 0.92-0.925
Iodine Value Minimum 275 (By Wig's Method)
Colour Gardener 2-3 (Freshly Distilled) (Colour may 6-7 after 30 days)
Specification for Cardanol (Single Distilled) : (Minimum 90% Purity)
Viscosity at 30°C 50-55 cps (Brook Field)
Moisture Negligible
Ash Content Negligible
Colour 3-4 (After 30 days 7-8) (Freshly Distilled)
Specific Gravity at 30°C 0.92-0.93
pH 7.8
Iodine Value Minimum 275 (By Wig's Method)