1. 1.Purchase of Raw material
    • Shell
    • Raw metrial is brought in, weighted and stored in godowan for use
  2. 2.Crushing Process
    • Expeller Crushing
    • Shells are crushed to derive Crude CNSL and Bia product Chashew Shell Cake
  3. 3.Sale of Bia Product
    • Cashew Shell Cake
    • Cashew Shell Cake is sold in open market as biofuel or for use in fertiliser
  4. 4.Settlement Process
    • Crude CNSL
    • Crude CNSL is left in tank for settlement of heavy particles
  5. 5.Heating Process
    • Crude CNSL is heated using highly efficient themic fluid heating system
    • After heating left in tank for cooling
  6. 6.Material transfer to storage
    • After cooling CNSL is called as Technical CNSL same is stored in storage tanks and used as and when required
  7. 7.Vaccum Distillation
    • CNSL is brought from storage tank to cardanol processing facility, Here CNSL is distilled using Vacuum Distillation.
  8. 8.Final Product
    • After Vacuum Distillation, Cardanol is formed as main product and Residol is bia product
  9. 9.Material transfer to storage
    • Material stored in tanks or barrels as per the order