Cashew Nut Shell Liquid

Extracted from the cashew nut shells, our Cashew Nut Shell Liquid is a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Rich in cardanol and cardol, this oil is used in the production of chemicals, resins, and even as a natural pesticide. Its unique properties make it a sought-after ingredient in various industries, from automotive to pharmaceuticals.

Specification for CNSL
Appearance Dark Brown Liqiud
Specific Gravity @ 30 Degree Celsius 0.960 - 0.01
Viscosity @ 30 Degree Celsius in CPS 550 Max
Viscosity.Sec by f4 CUP 40 to 200
ASH Content % 2% Max
Moisture % 1% Max
Iodine Value (Wiz's Method) 220-280
Loss in Weight % @ 250 Degree Celsius 1.5% Max
Plymerisation Time in Mins 4 Max